Wiecher Munting


Wiecher obtained his degree in Dutch fiscal law at University of Leiden. Also obtained a degree in criminal law and in European tax law at the Universities of Leiden and Rotterdam.

Work experience

Wiecher is a senior tax advisor, specialized in international tax. He is also an experienced negotiator and co-developer regarding different tax subjects, e.g.:

  • Dutch ruling policy
  • Transfer pricing
  • Participation exemption
  • Non deductibility of interest rules
  • Innovation box
  • Beneficial owner rules
  • M&A

Wiecher started his carrier as a tax inspector income tax at the Dutch Tax Administration in The Hague. Later he became an inspector corporate income tax. As a senior tax inspector he was a member of the Dutch ruling team in Rotterdam. His final position was head of the ruling team (APA/ATR-team). Wiecher also worked at the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation as tax researcher, client manager and government consultant for the Aruban government.

Before he joined OHP, he was a senior tax advisor at KPMG. Apart from his career as professional tax advisor, he was a lecturer at the Nyenrode Business University for junior academic tax advisors, a lecturer income tax and corporate income tax for the Dutch tax administration, and still is a lecturer transfer pricing and innovation box for the Organization of Registered Auditors. He was also an editor for Kluwer (academic publisher).


Beneficial ownership: handle with care
Dutch innovation box, a sound alternative to existing IP structures
Is de innovatiebox volwassen geworden?
Indofood: een steen in de vijver of een storm in een glas water? 


Dutch, English, and German

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